Grana's old friend


This is another short story written for an open mic night. There's a grandmother's voice that is meant to be read in a hoarse but powerful voice.

It's about life choices, nostalgia and regret.

Grana's Old Friend

Dinner Party


This is a short story that I read at an open mic event. It's tweaked for live storytelling and aims to be groan-worthy.

It's about accountability and consequences, double standards, and weird human quirks.

Dinner Party

Ghost at the Moderation Station


This is a ghost story set in a "moderation station", a center where workers filter out questionable content from social media sites.

I explore the lingering of people who've been excluded from social groups, in this case the workplace. A disgruntled ex-employee haunts her old workplace though possession of the person hired to replace her.

Ghost at the Moderation Station