New Novel: The Click Shortcuts


My second novel, The Click Shortcuts, is out in ebook format! Paper version to be released in September.

In Geremoth they use the same writing system as all the other countries on the continent. When mobile phones appear though, Geremoth’s youth start communicating with an alternative system, that imitates sounds. Behind its rise are its fragile-brained inventor Bejia, Anossia who needs it to remain relevant as a student-tutor, Berbi the memorization champion who’ll use it to remember, and Geluko the scientist who needs a source of revenue to promote Besa, the genetically designed crop plant that assaults other crop plants.

You can read an extract.

Kindle version on Google Play

A few short stories

Beautiful Assassins


This is a story about a assassin trainer whose work is derailed by unruly and dissipated students.

It touches on themes of fear of losing control, tradition and the generational chasm.

Beautiful Assassins

Grana's old friend


This is another short story written for an open mic night. There's a grandmother's voice that is meant to be read in a hoarse but powerful voice.

It's about life choices, nostalgia and regret.

Grana's Old Friend

Dinner Party


This is a short story that I read at an open mic event. It's tweaked for live storytelling and aims to be groan-worthy.

It's about accountability and consequences, double standards, and weird human quirks.

Dinner Party

Ghost at the Moderation Station


This is a ghost story set in a "moderation station", a center where workers filter out questionable content from social media sites.

I explore the lingering of people who've been excluded from social groups, in this case the workplace. A disgruntled ex-employee haunts her old workplace though possession of the person hired to replace her.

Ghost at the Moderation Station